Neon Signage

One of our core applications that can really make a difference to your fit out!

Neon signage is seeing some sort of a renaissance, with technology making it easier to produce.

Some say ‘retro cool’, others ‘timeless’, and now we can make them with LED technology, so more durable, cost effective and brighter.
Talk to us about the difference. And not just that, the real difference we can make for your situation, along with your other signage and branding requirements.


Art Fetiche worked with the team to create a unique, inspirational backdrop to this one off fit out. Great images on steroids with stunning digital printing and effects!


Goldpine is a family-owned company that’s been operating for over 40 years. When they needed their signage updated, Art Fetiche were able to rollout a nationwide refit of their lighting in all their stores

Getting started with Neon?

Our Neon 101 guide to the benefits of LED Neon and how it could work for you

Projects with Lighting that lifts it to greatness!


Commi transports your eating experience to Vietnam and beyond, all except the numbers of people and the oppressive heat!

Black Stag

Art Fetiche were a significant part of the overall 'look and feel', of this distinctive hospitality venue

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