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Introducing Art Fetiche

We've been around since 1994, and still going from strength to strength

Art Fetiche began with Brent and Raelene, sand blasting trinkets of all things, in the back of their house. Back then, in 1994, sand blasting was being applied to a range of products and being sold in markets around the country. Long before things like laser etching, and our new vapour blasting technology that have ushered in new styles and trends, we have always adapted to what the market wants.

Business success has been due to a lot of hard work, a demand for perfection and getting stuff done on time and within budget. Customers always love this, and most of our work has come about from happy clients more than happy to share their experience.

Our team means a lot to us. Some have been around for a big part of the journey, and others have come for specific projects. Most of us multi task as best we can and foster a ‘can do’, attitude, and no two days are the same for us. Diversity in staff, and in the clients we work with adds colour, value and depth to what we set out to do.

We’ve seen our kids leave home, and outlasted a number of premises that we have outgrown, as we’ve bought new equipment to adapt to the demands of clients. Underpinning all of our work is a willingness to learn new techniques and applications, and investing in machines to enable better outcomes.

We’re finding ourselves in high demand now with local government agencies, public space projects and some amazing work with local iwi, carvers and designers helping to tell their story and putting their mark on the landscape of our country.

We love this work and being a part of things that will last and have impact for generations to come. It’s not just about looking good, but so much more about what it means.

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