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SH1 rebuild involved Art Fetiche creating artworks alongside the new highway created after the Kaikoura earthquakes

The SH1 project has become an iconic post-Covid development, admired by many drivers heading north of Christchurch. Set to the backdrop of the ocean, and the Kaikoura mountain ranges the various forms have made a big impact!

The huge murals took up to a month to blast into place, and the smaller ground murals around 15 hours each. The stencils were fixed into place with a specialised vapour blasting tool to reduce environmental impact. Vapour blasting uses 80 mesh grit, mixed with water, which comes out as a vapour and suppresses the dust down to between 92 and 95 percent dustless.

The AF project team

Art Fetiche worked with Fayne Robinson | Ngai Tahu to develop a range of designs and artworks to feature alongside the new roading development

Client : Waka Kotahi

Art Design / Direction : Fayne Robinson | Ngai Tahu

AF team : Craig, Morrie and a specialist team coordinated for this unique project

Understanding Vapour Blasting

Our guide to Vapour blasting and how it differs to Sand Blasting

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