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SH1 rebuild involved Art Fetiche creating artworks alongside the new highway created after the Kaikoura earthquakes

The SH1 project has become an iconic post Covid development, admired by many a driver heading north of Christchurch. Set to the backdrop of the ocean, and the Kaikoura mountain ranges the various forms have made a big impact!

The challenge

When Covid hit, one of our large clients were sidelined and a lot of our day to day business was lost.  We needed to adapt, and when we were approached by Fane Robinson we took the opportunity to make something special alongside the new highway reconstruction project. This was on a scale we hadn’t worked on before and in some areas of applications that we were not so familiar with… but that’s never really stopped Brent before!

The solution

We gathered a new team together, purchased new vapour blasting technology and took on the 7 month project working with Waka Kotahi to enhance the new highway.  Along with the vapour blasted designs in the concrete walls, we utlised our expertise in steel, and wood fabrication to add to the lay by areas and sites adjacent to the coast.

The result, is stunning and talked about all the time

The result is there to see. Striking and dynamic art that connects and tells a story along one of the most iconic stretches of highway in New Zealand. The collaboration with Fane, and Waka Kotahi, along with the opportunity to have employed some local Kaikoura lads, all makes it a great story in more ways than one!

From concept to installation and finishing

AF worked with the owner from the very start of this project and provided a range of applications



Vapour blasting
Steel fabrication
Art installation


The AF project team

Art Fetiche worked with Fane Robinson | Ngai Tahu to develop a range of designs and artworks to feature alongside the new roading development

Client : Waka Kotahi

Art Design / Direction Fane Robinson | Ngai Tahu

AF team : Craig, Morrie and a specialist team coordinated for this unique project

Understanding Vapour Blasting

Our guide to Vapour blasting and how it differs to Sand Blasting

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