Artwork installations

These are a large part of our work, from sculptures, to 3D mixed media, and sand blasted walls, we can design, create and install it all!

Art Fetiche have worked with a number of organisations, committed to improving their environment with art that engages, tells stories and puts places on the map!

Whether its outside a fire station, in a suburban park or front and central at Tūranga in Christchurch, we have been able to work across all medium, and deliver outstanding solutions

Vapour blasted panelling SH1 Kaikoura

SH1 | Kaikoura

This project was an exciting opportunity for AF, putting a team together and tackling a vapour blasting project of this scale.

Victoria Square

Victoria Square is an excellent example of art installations impact on urban spaces

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Art Fetiche installed a number of outstanding artworks, designed in conjunction with Fane Robinson from Ngai Tahu and the City Council.

Knights Stream Park

Knights Stream Park is a great example of enhancing public spaces around urban development

Art Fetiche have been a big part of our brands developing...

Creativity takes courage, curiosity and a bit of mystery which thankfully, Art Fetiche has plenty of. Brent and his talented team have strengthened and accelerated both our brands point of difference in graphics, design and innovation.

"Chief", James Whelan

CEO | Lone Star Cafe & Bar Franchise Ltd | Joe's Garage Franchise Services Ltd

Some of our installation clients