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Commi is a dynamic hospo option serving up 'food for the people', as you'd get in Vietnam and Thailand but in Beckenham.

Commi has attracted a following with it’s vibrant authentic decor matching the exceptional food offered to locals. The Art Fetiche team were invited to join the developer to bring this venue alive in every aspect of the meaning!

The challenge

Commi is located on a complex corner section in suburban Christchurch and while visible to the road it needed that extra to distinguish it from the current offerings, while creating an atmosphere that was similar to being in the East… without the heat and some of the smells!  So Brent and Murray set off to Melbourne to get a taste of what could be done… bringing Vietnam and its cuisine to Beckenham!

The solution

The Art Fetiche team worked from the concept stage and with our in house designers were able to work with the owner to design the imagery right down to the tangled wires leading to the lights: an ode to the lamposts in Vietnam. Colour and vibrancy are words that describe the vibe, and the images give you a bit of a glimpse of what we were able to do as a team.

The result, is out there!

With ‘edgy’ name, and ‘equally edgy’ graphics, this project was definitely about making an impact from the outside in! And time has proven it works, with a large following of guests, enjoying the complete experience that Commi guarantees! You can sit there, turn your head and feel like you’re right in Hanoi, with food to match!

From concept to installation and finishing

AF worked with the owner from the very start of this project and provided a range of applications



Digital Printing
Dynamic signage
Impact lighting

Fit out

The Commi project team

As in any project of this scale Art Fetiche can provide a range of services and specific applications to enhance the final outcome. With skilled in house operators and state of the art tech, we add value to the over all impact of a project.

Client : Murray | Developer

AF team : Craig, Brent, Mark, Tahu

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