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Joe's Garage has fast become a proven cafe expanding throughout New Zealand from its beginnings in a garage in Queenstown

Joe’s Garage serves great food and coffee, but more than that an outstanding environment. Art Fetiche has been on the ride since Joe’s began to expand, and we have created everything from the furniture, and lighting to shelving and even the giant spanners hanging above the counters!

The challenge

Joe’s Garage always had identity right from behind the Post Office in Queenstown, where it all began. The challenge was to take this and develop an eclectic mix of decor that would ensure new cafes throughout New Zealand would replicate this style.

The solution

Garages are always industrial, and the feel of Joe’s Garage has retained this throughout. Art Fetiche have utilised their resources and skills to produce striking fit outs that transport a visitor ‘back to the garage’, beginning with the spanner used for a door handle!

AF work alongside the owners of Joe's Garage

Utilising our complete range of skills, Joe's Garage fit outs exemplify what we offer as a team



3 D signage
Steel fabrication
Digital Printing


Ongoing supply

The project team

As in any project of this scale Art Fetiche can provide a range of services and specific applications to enhance the final outcome. With skilled in house operators and state of the art tech, we add value to the over all impact of a project.

Client : Joe's Garage Franchise Services Ltd

AF Team Mark, Craig, Brent and team

Art Fetiche have been a big part of our brands developing...

Creativity takes courage, curiosity and a bit of mystery which thankfully, Art Fetiche has plenty of. Brent and his talented team have strengthened and accelerated both our brands point of difference in graphics, design and innovation.

"Chief", James Whelan

Director | Lone Star Cafe & Bar Franchise Ltd | Joe's Garage Franchise Services Ltd

Some recent projects

Knights Stream Park

Knights Stream Park is a great example of enhancing public spaces around urban development


Art Fetiche worked with the team to create a unique, inspirational backdrop to this one off fit out. Great images on steroids with stunning digital printing and effects!

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