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Goldpine is a large nationwide supplier of timber and supplies

Goldpine needed to be seen. While there buildings were covered in signage and branded they needed to stand out more and this is where Art Fetiche became involved. And from there its been and exciting roll out as the AF team have managed the re fit of stores across the country

The challenge

One of our suppliers, Bright Lights were approached by Goldpine, and suggested that we might be a good fit, and capable of replacing all their glass neon and fluro lighting. After a good meeting of the teams, we set out to refit the entire 23 nationwide stores.

The solution

The Art Fetiche team were able to provide the complete refit of all light boxes and fluoro lighting along with installing some other signage in the process. By managing the refits on a regional basis, our team were able to utilise resources, and ensure each Goldpine store had the the attention of a skilled team.

The result, is out there!

Goldpine, for many is a household name, and now with LED illuminated signage and lightboxes it is attracting attention of people day and night. The brand is strong and the impact is striking! Now all their branches are sporting a more reliable, efficient and eco friendly lighting that will look good for the next stage of their journey.

From concept to installation and finishing

This was a significant project in that it required roll out nationwide through 23 stores. Our teams were able to manage the install in regions to ensure a stunning result for the clients


Project management

Illuminated lighting
Neon lighting
3d lighting

Fit out

The Goldpine project team

As in any project of this scale Art Fetiche can provide a range of services and specific applications to enhance the final outcome. With skilled in house operators and state of the art tech, we add value to the over all impact of a project.

Client : Goldpine NZ

AF team : Craig, Brent, Mark, Tahu

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