Unique Furniture

Chairs, tables, shelves... lighting!

As part of your fit out there is often the need for furniture to complement the decor and lighting, and Art Fetiche can manage that for you as part of their services. We have a fully equipped steel, and timber fabrication plant capable of developing robust stylish furniture not seen on the shelf at Freedom!

We work with a number of franchised organisations on an ongoing basis producing furniture and fittings for new locations, all custom made with our attention to detail and finishing!

Fit Outs and Furniture sorted!

Joe’s Garage

Art Fetiche have created the Joe's Garage environment that we've come to know. With industrial 'garage' feel, it is fast becoming an iconic cafe in many New Zealand cities.


Art Fetiche worked with the team to create a unique, inspirational backdrop to this one off fit out. Great images on steroids with stunning digital printing and effects!

We work with some great clients...

Art Fetiche thrive on working with creative clients committed to ensuring their businesses stand out for the right reasons. We love the ongoing work, but also the opportunity to create something completely new and different

Start a project now!

We love talking, dreaming and scheming and often work with clients at early stages of development to help the design process. Sometimes it is just about realising what is possible, and then what works best for specific applications