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Bus Exchange

The Christchurch City Bus exchange building is an iconic building designed to provide a hub for buses post earthquakes

The Bus Exchange building stands out on every scale… from its roof line to the artwork detail on the ground. This stunning design has provided a central hub for meeting and transiting through our city centre since 2015

The challenge

This project already had an artist and some stunning designs, what they needed was a team that could sandblast the panels and install some random design on pavers throughout the building.

The solution

Our Art Fetiche team have vast experience with sand blasting and were able to easily provide the expertise and finishing required for such an iconic project. With our practical approach the challenge of aligning the pavers to best effect was completed without too much stress!

The result

With thousands trekking through the Bus Exchange daily the finished tiling is not only seen by the masses, but trodden on too! This paving is a great example of what sand blasting can do to break up visually large areas of uniform tiles!

Art Fetiche worked over a period of time creating and installing art work finishing to the Bus Exchange



Art Installation
Sand Blasting


The project team

As in any project of this scale Art Fetiche can provide a range of services and specific applications to enhance the final outcome. With skilled in house operators and state of the art tech, we add value to the over all impact of a project.

Client : Christchurch City Council

Advisory Partner : Tuahiwi Runanga

Engineer Aurecon

AF team : Craig, Mark and Brent

Some featured projects

Vapour blasted panelling SH1 Kaikoura

SH1 | Kaikoura

This project was an exciting opportunity for AF, putting a team together and tackling a vapour blasting project of this scale.


Art Fetiche worked with the team to create a unique, inspirational backdrop to this one off fit out. Great images on steroids with stunning digital printing and effects!

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