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TimeZone is a vibrant entertainment space providing bowling, arcade games and cafe.

TimeZone is a celebration of everything bright lights can do to create a super bright and vibrant space. The combination of 3D, illuminated, and neon lighting with bright palette of colour ensures you don;’t go here to sit around and do nothing! This is a super fun and stimulating environment made more so by the great use of lighting applications.

The challenge

Time Zone needed to create a super vibrant, bright entertaining space for their bowling, games and cafe. The local owner was keen to see if they could utilise homegrown, local expertise, and initially approached Art Fetiche to see if we could create a couple of signs based on the brand specifications of Timezones parent company out of Australia.

The solution

Following some healthy discussions with the parent company it was all go. We could pull it off from here in Ōtautahi! The work involved a combination of all our signage applications, with neon, illuminated, 3D, and digital signage all featuring and adding to the overall impact of the space.

The result...

You could say, there’s nothing dull about this place, and just what they needed to create the vibe! As a team we were delighted to be able to meet the demands of such a site, and provide so many signage solutions for the client. We thrive on opportunities like this where we can really add value for our clients across a wide range of applications.

The project team

As in any project of this scale Art Fetiche can provide a range of services and specific applications to enhance the final outcome. With skilled in house operators and state of the art tech, we add value to the over all impact of a project.

Client : Time Zone

AF lead : Brent Brownlie

Timezone engaged us early on...

Our clever concept team were invited to work on this project and from their as they realised our capacity and capabilities it developed into a significant assignment


Design Input

Neon Signage
LED Lighting
Illuminated Signage
3D signage



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