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Tīrama Mai

The brief that guided the creation of various artistic installations for Tirama Mai 2021-2023. The collaboration between Ariki Creative, Pixel Productions Limited, Art Fetiche, Litesite, and Christchurch City Council aimed to captivate and inspire visitors through immersive experiences that celebrated Puanga, Matariki, and Māori culture.

In 2021, our collaboration with Ariki Creative resulted in the creation of five captivating light boxes for the Tīrama Mai event. Known as Ngao Matariki, these structures beautifully illuminate the night, sharing narratives and metaphors through their radiant glow, akin to the intricately carved traditional Māori art. They serve as a source of energy, cutting through the darkness like the sharp edge of a toki or uhi.

Client : Christchurch City Council

Design : Ariki Creative

Fabrication : Art Fetiche

Production : Pixel Productions Limited

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