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Dynamic Lighting

Lighting is now a big part of our fit out work

Art Fetiche can create those custom light fittings, and manage light to create the ultimate atmosphere

Whether you are after the antique look, or the retro modern neon lighting is a massive factor when it comes to creating impact. We can do it bold, subtle and anything in between. Anything but ordinary, after all you can get that at your local hardware outlet!

Featured Lighting projects


Commi transports your eating experience to Vietnam and beyond, all except the numbers of people and the oppressive heat!

Time Zone

This is a celebration of all things lights of all types can add to create a vibrant game and cafe space


Art Fetiche worked with the team to create a unique, inspirational backdrop to this one off fit out. Great images on steroids with stunning digital printing and effects!

Joe’s Garage

Art Fetiche have created the Joe's Garage environment that we've come to know. With industrial 'garage' feel, it is fast becoming an iconic cafe in many New Zealand cities.

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